Growing up in a very multicultural family, there was no room to be fussy.  We were to eat whatever was in front of us and weren't allowed to leave the table until we had done so.  Every evening, we sat down at the dinner table and ate as a family at 6:30pm.  It was during this time that family discussions were held, much to our dismay especially as teenagers, but it was 'our time'.  Home cooked meals ranging from Mauritian curries, beef stroganoff, cakes, soups, you name it our beautiful Mumma bear prepared it for us.  I am not sure that there was a meal without some form of carbohydrates until my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes in my teenage years, then things changed including portion sizes.  


My love affair with cooking, eating, and entertaining is innate.  Last count, before I adopted the KonMarie method, was over 100 cookbooks and that doesn't include those I have saved in iBooks.    I very rarely cook the same meal twice unless it is a firm favourite.  Weekly menu planning and meal preparation despite the tediousness of it really does free up time during the week.  Some firm favourite cookbooks of mine include: Sarah Wilson's 'Simplicious' a MUST HAVE for every household, The Merrymaker Sisters cookbook/app and Lola Berry's range of cookbooks especially 'The Happy Cookbook'.  Simple, easy to make, healthy meals.